Poetry: After the Snowstorm

I am walking In a pen-and-ink drawing Snow the lustrous linen paper Trees sketched neatly thereupon Sparrows stippling the space between   Then my children Dash onto the scene Coats of turquoise and coral and blue Sleds in other neon hues And brighter than all The incandescent color of laughter   Now I walk In… Continue reading Poetry: After the Snowstorm

Poetry: Autumn into Winter

Autumn into Winter When the glow of sunset gold Highlights curves of rain-damp roads When the logs lie split and seasoned In their loose-stacked rambling rows When the corn is long cut down Stalks the shade of palest bone   Then a thinner wind blows in Surges swift across bare fields Then leaves that cling… Continue reading Poetry: Autumn into Winter

God’s Foresight, Our Hindsight

On Sunday, our little country church canceled morning services because of wintry weather. Rural roads are not soon driveable after hours of sleet and freezing rain. So, my family and I began our day by going back to bed. Rest turned out to be the theme of the day. After we finally got up and… Continue reading God’s Foresight, Our Hindsight

If Getting Hit by a Train Doesn’t Make an Impact on You, Nothing Will

(My apologies for the pun. I just couldn't think of a better title for this post.) Here's the story. Seven years ago, my family and I, along with a couple of kids from our junior church class, were driving home in our minivan. The January weather had been brutal that year, with frigid temperatures and… Continue reading If Getting Hit by a Train Doesn’t Make an Impact on You, Nothing Will