Christian Meal Replacement Plan

When I was a teenager, I recognized that I wanted to be closer to God, but I just couldn't figure out how to do it. I couldn't seem to find the time to pursue a relationship with him when I was so busy with school and friends and everything else that occupies a teenager's mind,… Continue reading Christian Meal Replacement Plan

An Appointment with God

Every morning, I have a standing appointment with my daughter to exercise together either on our back deck, as the sun rises through the trees at the rear of our property, or in our garage. If we have to get up exceptionally early, we miss the occasional workout, but we're pretty consistent otherwise. I've also… Continue reading An Appointment with God

Plans? Bwahahaha! I Laugh at Your Plans!

Ever feel like life mocks your plans? All summer I've felt this way.  As a homeschooling mom, I don't have a lot of time during the school year to do the projects that are near and dear to my heart, so I look forward to the spring and summer months to get crafty, handy, and… Continue reading Plans? Bwahahaha! I Laugh at Your Plans!

The Gift of Time

To me, the best thing about my birthday each year is my family’s gifts of time. The gifts themselves are lovely, of course, and as we celebrated my birthday this past weekend, I enjoyed opening every single one. My kids picked out a super cool Star Wars t-shirt for me, with a floral Storm Trooper… Continue reading The Gift of Time

Taking Care of the Temple, Part 1

My husband and I waited five years to have our children, and then the first two followed in rapid succession. Our oldest son was a mere 9 months old when I became pregnant (surprise!) with my daughter. Pre-kids, my husband and I both worked full-time, and busy though we were, we made time to work… Continue reading Taking Care of the Temple, Part 1