The True Measure of Our Thanksgiving

I love celebrating Thanksgiving. I appreciate the relaxed pace of the day. I’m grateful that it’s free of all the trappings that make Christmas such an event. Thanksgiving is a time of pleasant reminiscences, favorite signature dishes, and heartfelt gratitude. Considering all that our forefathers endured leading up to their first Thanksgiving celebration also refreshes… Continue reading The True Measure of Our Thanksgiving

Thankful for Our Forebears

So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever: we will shew forth thy praise to all generations. – Psalm 79:13 As Americans and as Christians, we have ancestors to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude, particularly on this Thanksgiving Day.   To the Pilgrims, may we be… Continue reading Thankful for Our Forebears

Thankful Upon Every Remembrance of You

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy. – Philippians 1:2-4 These words of the Apostle Paul make me smile every time I read them. Consider that these words are not only of Paul, but ultimately of God. What a comfort… Continue reading Thankful Upon Every Remembrance of You

Celebrate & Meditate with Thanksgiving Music

Earlier this week, an unseasonably early snowfall kept us inside, providing a perfect opportunity for cozy indoor activities. I’ve been baking and catching up on some “fun” computer projects, including creating a Thanksgiving-themed playlist on Spotify. (I mentioned this idea in a prior post.) With its mix of classic hymns with and contemporary worship songs,… Continue reading Celebrate & Meditate with Thanksgiving Music

Feeling Grateful, Acting Thankful

Every autumn, most of my junior church class sessions are taken up with practicing for our Christmas program.  This year, we are rehearsing for our own little version of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Besides practicing, we have spent our November Sundays together focusing on thanksgiving and gratitude. I recently heard that while gratitude is an… Continue reading Feeling Grateful, Acting Thankful

Thanksgiving Carols

My daughter, Shae, and I agree: the songs of Thanksgiving seem to get lost in the shuffle, as people leap from "spooky spirit" to Christmas spirit. Today, we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorite songs of the season. (You can view her picks here.) Time permitting, I plan to create a Spotify playlist… Continue reading Thanksgiving Carols

Potlucks and Praise

It's that time of year when introverts like me must face the hard fact: 'tis the season for parties and potlucks. My daughter thinks it's both sad and amusing that I look at a holiday party as something for which I must brace myself, as she LOVES getting out of the house and visiting with… Continue reading Potlucks and Praise