What Does Suffering Teach?

Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered. – Hebrews 5:8 There’s an expression my family and I use to keep life in perspective whenever we feel like grumbling about little inconveniences. “I know, it’s such a first-world problem,” we say. When the internet is down at our… Continue reading What Does Suffering Teach?

It’s a Wonderful Life, Job

The book of Job concludes in a most satisfying way. Job’s re-reversal of fortune always makes me sigh with contentment and dash away a tear or two. As I read the last chapter, I noticed a verse that reminded me of the final scene from It’s a Wonderful Life, when George Bailey returns home to… Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life, Job

The Transformative Power of Poo

Yes, you read right. Poo has the power to transform. We’ve had a little flock of chickens for several years, and we have accumulated quite a pile of manure-laden straw cleaned from their coop. Last spring, we spread the composted straw and manure mixture over my perennial flower beds. It was a dirty and laborious… Continue reading The Transformative Power of Poo

Lives That Inspire: Job, a Dinosaur, and a Dragon

The first thing that used to come to my mind was when I considered Job was, poor him. In one day, the flocks that made him wealthy and the children he loved were taken from him—not because he had done anything to deserve such tragedy, but, well, just because. And when that all wasn't enough… Continue reading Lives That Inspire: Job, a Dinosaur, and a Dragon