Memorize & Meditate: John 13:14, 15, 17

At times, it can be difficult to be patient in meeting the needs of my family when I have my own deadlines and tasks to deal with. Today, however, I was reminded that being a servant to those we love is part of the joy of being a Christian. If I then, your Lord and… Continue reading Memorize & Meditate: John 13:14, 15, 17

Parenting Today, Promises Fulfilled Tomorrow

A few days ago, I caught my youngest son in the act—not of doing something wrong, but something right. He was picking up not just his room, but his older brother's and sister's as well. "Shhh! Don't tell! I want to clean up their rooms before they see it's me," he said. I gave him… Continue reading Parenting Today, Promises Fulfilled Tomorrow

Lives that Inspire: “Martha, Martha…”

As a missionary, my friend Natalie hosts many visitors in her home in Tanzania, Africa. Many years ago she shared her view of hospitality: simple and familiar is better. Her guests always seemed to have the best time when she offered a totally American evening of a casserole for dinner and charades afterward. No complicated… Continue reading Lives that Inspire: “Martha, Martha…”

Love and a Christmas Program Practice

I truly enjoy teaching junior church. Okay, so the preliminaries are not always fun or convenient. It takes planning and preparation to teach a class of four-to twelve-year-olds. And as my family knows, I am not a morning person, particularly on Sundays, when I have to get up earlier than usual. Sometimes, I think it… Continue reading Love and a Christmas Program Practice