Rend Your Heart

When I was a child, I had the misconception that I could knowingly sin – plan to sin – and later tell God that I was sorry. “I’ll do this now, but I’ll plan to ask God for forgiveness later, and he will be okay with that,” was my philosophy. Sounds pretty dumb, right? I… Continue reading Rend Your Heart

No Secret Sins

Part of what I love about teaching children’s church is the fresh insight I gain as I study the Bible story for the week. As I write, I’ve just taught the story of Achan’s hidden sin in Joshua 7. The Israelites had recently routed the walled city of Jericho. As a whole, they must have… Continue reading No Secret Sins

Rain, Rain…Come Again (and Again) Another Day!

Here in the Land of Lincoln, it's been raining for days—the steady, soaking, pattering rain that falls in early spring just prior to everything bursting into bright green leaves and brilliant blooms. I used to begrudge the time that this season between seasons took away from spring, but now, I thank God for it. Once… Continue reading Rain, Rain…Come Again (and Again) Another Day!