The Christmas Story Behind “It Is Well with My Soul”

I recently viewed a Christmas presentation unlike any I’d seen before, enacting through song and storytelling the true tale behind the writing of the hymn “It Is Well with My Soul.” If you have already heard Horatio G. Spafford’s tragic life story, then you’ll know that he penned the words to the hymn soon after… Continue reading The Christmas Story Behind “It Is Well with My Soul”

Honey for Warriors

Because we work in children’s ministry on Sunday mornings, my family and I don’t often hear sermons during that time. On one hand, I enjoy the spiritual health I maintain by studying on my own. Seeing a familiar Bible passage in fresh light, as I often do with the children’s stories I teach, is an… Continue reading Honey for Warriors

Letter from God

I have a dear friend who is a missionary to Tanzania, Africa. She and I correspond by email and through Facebook, but we also write letters. Yes, we utilize the good old-fashioned snail mail system. She told me once that she loves the idea of dropping her letter in the mailbox at her little village… Continue reading Letter from God