If Getting Hit by a Train Doesn’t Make an Impact on You, Nothing Will

(My apologies for the pun. I just couldn't think of a better title for this post.) Here's the story. Seven years ago, my family and I, along with a couple of kids from our junior church class, were driving home in our minivan. The January weather had been brutal that year, with frigid temperatures and… Continue reading If Getting Hit by a Train Doesn’t Make an Impact on You, Nothing Will

No Greater Joy

We love to watch DVDs of our kids from years ago. It's amazing how quickly my husband and I have forgotten the high pitch of their younger voices and the childish roundness of their younger faces. It's hilarious to see the kids' reactions to themselves and their siblings as well. "Look at my teeth!" "Look… Continue reading No Greater Joy

The Abundance of the Heart

"Don't take that tone with me!" If you're like me, you either heard those words as a child, or have spoken them as an adult—or perhaps both. As a teenager, I was reminded by my mother more than once to watch my tone of voice, as it reflected my (poor) attitude. Now that I have… Continue reading The Abundance of the Heart

Dating after Twenty Years

I have a scrapbook of love letters my husband wrote to me while we were dating. I look at those cards and notes occasionally, and honestly, I laugh a little—not because of anything funny in the letters, but because of all that has happened in the twenty years of our marriage since. The letters he… Continue reading Dating after Twenty Years

Notice the Sunsets

Many evenings, my daughter calls to me, "Mom, come check out this sunset!" Whatever I'm doing, I try to set it aside for a moment to appreciate the beauty available to us every night, right outside our front windows. But if it weren't for my daughter drawing my attention to them, I might work right… Continue reading Notice the Sunsets

An Ornament Most Precious

It's the day after Christmas, and all through our house, not a creature is stirring. All is quiet—no Christmas music, no happy conversation, no feet running up and down the stairs. But the quiet is not a bad thing, since our family spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in some form of noisemaking. On Christmas… Continue reading An Ornament Most Precious

Potlucks and Praise

It's that time of year when introverts like me must face the hard fact: 'tis the season for parties and potlucks. My daughter thinks it's both sad and amusing that I look at a holiday party as something for which I must brace myself, as she LOVES getting out of the house and visiting with… Continue reading Potlucks and Praise

Small Kindnesses

At my house this week, it seemed as if we were all ships passing in the night. My husband worked his days off from the firehouse at a seasonal job. I spent far more time than usual online, researching various household problems, making our massive monthly grocery list and paying bills. My daughter dealt with… Continue reading Small Kindnesses

Love and a Christmas Program Practice

I truly enjoy teaching junior church. Okay, so the preliminaries are not always fun or convenient. It takes planning and preparation to teach a class of four-to twelve-year-olds. And as my family knows, I am not a morning person, particularly on Sundays, when I have to get up earlier than usual. Sometimes, I think it… Continue reading Love and a Christmas Program Practice

Giving Like a Widow

My mom recently shared with me a story about my dear nana, who died when I was just eleven. In my earliest memories of her, Nana had been a widow for a good number of years, and she had adjusted well; but she struggled during the early days of her widowhood. She didn't know how… Continue reading Giving Like a Widow