Don’t Count the Cost

I read several different books as part of my devotions, and it’s always intriguing when the same topic is covered on the same day by more than one source. That may be coincidental, or it may not; in any case, I take it as a nudge from the Lord that I need to study more… Continue reading Don’t Count the Cost

On-the-Spot Faith

Whenever I read of Jesus’ friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus in Scripture, I know that life-changing lessons are written between the lines – if I can but discern them. Thank God for great men and women of faith who have written commentaries and devotionals, to help others discover those lessons. Most recently, I've been thankful… Continue reading On-the-Spot Faith

Lives that Inspire: “Martha, Martha…”

As a missionary, my friend Natalie hosts many visitors in her home in Tanzania, Africa. Many years ago she shared her view of hospitality: simple and familiar is better. Her guests always seemed to have the best time when she offered a totally American evening of a casserole for dinner and charades afterward. No complicated… Continue reading Lives that Inspire: “Martha, Martha…”