Personal Needs

I have Tuesdays earmarked as the day to pray for personal needs each week. Some months ago, I separated my prayer list into categories (missionaries, family and friends, church members, etc.), so that I could spend more focused, intentional time praying for fewer requests each day. Tuesdays ended up being my “personal needs” day. And… Continue reading Personal Needs

Pride & Prejudice, and Staying in Love Anyway

My favorite movie has long been Pride & Prejudice, the 2005 version starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. Artistically crafted and perfectly acted, everything about this movie captivates me. If you’re a fan, I don’t need to explain further. If you’re not…well, I won’t bore you anymore. But I do have a point to make.… Continue reading Pride & Prejudice, and Staying in Love Anyway

Accepted in the Beloved

Feeling unlovable or "not enough" for God is a theme that seems to keep cropping up in blogs my daughter and I follow, particularly those of young women. How sad that any believer would feel unworthy of God's love! And I can only imagine how tragic the reasons for these feelings must be. My hope… Continue reading Accepted in the Beloved

A Still, Small Voice

Selective listening: that's my term for how I choose to listen to the words of others. For a mom, selective listening works handily. I whip out that tool on a daily basis when dealing with my eight-year-old. He has a habit of calling me from the school room upstairs while I am working in the… Continue reading A Still, Small Voice

The Abundance of the Heart

"Don't take that tone with me!" If you're like me, you either heard those words as a child, or have spoken them as an adult—or perhaps both. As a teenager, I was reminded by my mother more than once to watch my tone of voice, as it reflected my (poor) attitude. Now that I have… Continue reading The Abundance of the Heart

Dating after Twenty Years

I have a scrapbook of love letters my husband wrote to me while we were dating. I look at those cards and notes occasionally, and honestly, I laugh a little—not because of anything funny in the letters, but because of all that has happened in the twenty years of our marriage since. The letters he… Continue reading Dating after Twenty Years

No Explanation Necessary

When my husband and I started dating more than twenty years ago, I found in him something that set our relationship apart from any I'd had before: understanding, in the sense that he "got" me. There was very little drama between us. We just clicked. We could laugh and talk together for hours on end… Continue reading No Explanation Necessary

Taking Care of the Temple, Part 1

My husband and I waited five years to have our children, and then the first two followed in rapid succession. Our oldest son was a mere 9 months old when I became pregnant (surprise!) with my daughter. Pre-kids, my husband and I both worked full-time, and busy though we were, we made time to work… Continue reading Taking Care of the Temple, Part 1