Beyond the Sunset

Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning When with our Savior, heaven is begun Earth's toiling ended, O glory dawning Beyond the sunset, when day is done When an elderly person dies peacefully and in good health, we consider them to have concluded their life on earth in a most blessed way. We hope that one… Continue reading Beyond the Sunset

Giving Like a Widow

My mom recently shared with me a story about my dear nana, who died when I was just eleven. In my earliest memories of her, Nana had been a widow for a good number of years, and she had adjusted well; but she struggled during the early days of her widowhood. She didn't know how… Continue reading Giving Like a Widow

Present Prayers, Future Rewards

My husband's grandmother celebrated her eighty-eighth birthday with my family on Saturday. My mother-in-law and I brought brunch to her house, and we all gathered around her scrubbed kitchen table to eat and chat and reminisce a bit. Grandma is not much for aimless conversation, but that's a trait I have come to admire. She… Continue reading Present Prayers, Future Rewards