Providential Pruning

This summer, I’ve learned a lot about my favorite pastime, perennial gardening, watching a YouTube channel called Garden Answer. The channel’s cheerful host and gardener extraordinaire, Laura, gives practical advice about gardening in every season. This week, I watched many of Laura’s videos on pruning. Come to find out, different perennials require different levels of… Continue reading Providential Pruning

Putting Poetry Out There: The Gardener

Instead of my usual Wednesday personal experience post, I thought I'd share a poem I wrote recently - still a personal experience, but in a much different format. This post was inspired by many bloggers who regularly put their own poetry out in cyberspace for all to read. Thanks to all of you, and I… Continue reading Putting Poetry Out There: The Gardener

Mother-Daughter Photo Collaboration

As many of you may know, my daughter is BBG, otherwise known as Shae, from Teen, Meet God. Last week, we had a joint photo session and took pictures of the perennials currently blooming in our yard. Here's what we came up with! Meredith - peonies and irises Shae - spiderwort Meredith - peony and allium… Continue reading Mother-Daughter Photo Collaboration

Grow in Grace

The Apostle Paul's go-to metaphors for the Christian life always seemed to involve a race of some kind. He speaks of pressing on, finishing the course, laying aside extra weight, and so forth. If I had been one of the writers of Scripture, my metaphors would have involved gardening. It's high season for perennial gardening… Continue reading Grow in Grace

Bumblebees & Me: Created by Design

All too soon, I'll wake up one morning to find that the first frost has covered the landscape, signaling the beginning of the end of the gardening year. In the mean time, pollinators are taking advantage of the last bright blooms of the season. This afternoon, I discovered this bumblebee on some blue sage in… Continue reading Bumblebees & Me: Created by Design

Late Bloomers and Letting Go

My perennial garden has provided a great deal of pleasure and sanity-saving for me throughout the eight years we have lived in the country. As a home-schooling, work-at-home mom, most hours in my day are tied up with school or preparing for the next day of school: grading papers, writing out assignments, and leading the… Continue reading Late Bloomers and Letting Go

Our Eleventh Home School Year Begins!

Tomorrow, we start our eleventh home school year. A big box of books came from A Beka Book a couple of weeks ago, and with that, reality hit. I cleared and cleaned the school room, double-checked supplies, stacked textbooks in place, and now, all that remains is to write the first day's assignments on the… Continue reading Our Eleventh Home School Year Begins!

A Blog-Worthy Story?

Before beginning this blog, I thought long and hard about whether or not I had anything worthy to share. Many bloggers have worthy tales of extremes--recovering from a serious disease, taking a journey around the world, crafting with talent and originality. My story is not particularly worthy or extreme. I live a quiet life in… Continue reading A Blog-Worthy Story?