Don’t Think, Just Do

A favorite YouTuber recently reminded me of a philosophy she often applies to exercise: don’t think, just do! As I’m the type who tends to overthink just about everything, I need to apply this when I’m headed to do a workout or a particular exercise that I know will be tough – pull-ups or lunge… Continue reading Don’t Think, Just Do


Wearing the Cross, Bearing the Cross

My daughter, Shae, has long worn a simple, contemporary stainless steel cross necklace. It’s sort of her signature, and it exemplifies her desire to incorporate Christ into every part of her life. For about ten years, I’ve had my own cross necklace, a gift from my husband. It’s simple as well, with a slightly Celtic… Continue reading Wearing the Cross, Bearing the Cross

97 Pounds of Accountability

Every morning, my fourteen-year-old daughter and I work out together. Ever the morning person, Shae (of Teen, Meet God and Shae's Days) is nearly always ready before me, hair in a neat ponytail, tennis shoes laced, and tablet queued up with our pre-selected YouTube workout. Meanwhile, I'm generally dragging myself up the stairs to her room a… Continue reading 97 Pounds of Accountability

Fasting for Spiritual & Physical Health

As I write this, I'm fasting. I wish I could say that I'm fasting to meet a great spiritual need (although sharing that with the world would be Pharisaical and defeat the whole purpose of fasting!), but honestly, I'm not. In recent months, my husband and I began incorporating intermittent fasting into our regular diet… Continue reading Fasting for Spiritual & Physical Health

Help! I’m trying to do a pull-up and I can’t get up!

Remember that commercial in which an elderly woman who had fallen to the floor cried, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Well, I can sort of relate to her these days. Not that I've fallen down recently, but I've been trying to get up, by doing a pull-up. And it seems as distant… Continue reading Help! I’m trying to do a pull-up and I can’t get up!

Self-Esteem God’s Way (Part 2): Body Image

In a culture that glorifies youth and beauty over age and wisdom, it's no wonder that many people have low self-esteem because of their poor body image. Last week, I discussed the importance of having "God-esteem" to ensure a healthy, godly self-esteem. To recap, God-esteem means that we should esteem God so highly that we… Continue reading Self-Esteem God’s Way (Part 2): Body Image

Climbing Mountains, Herding Sheep

A few times each week, I climb a mountain, but I don't go anywhere. Well, maybe it's a mountain in my mind—the "mountain climb" program on my elliptical machine, actually. And even though I don't go anywhere other than the corner of my bedroom, climbing that mechanized mountain takes me places I wouldn't go otherwise.… Continue reading Climbing Mountains, Herding Sheep

Taking Care of the Temple, Part 2

My husband has always been disciplined about keeping fit, but he never said a word about it when I stopped exercising during my children's toddler years. His workouts have changed, though--where he once spent most of a workout lifting weights, he now focuses on bodyweight exercises and cycling, which are easier on his joints and… Continue reading Taking Care of the Temple, Part 2