Father of Lights

As the seasons change, so does the light. At my home across from a cornfield, we’ll soon have flaming sunsets and orange moons, thanks to all the dust from the harvest in the air. Inside, I’ve started enjoying candlelight from spice-scented candles, and I’ve begun turning on lamps in the early evening.  Soon, the nights… Continue reading Father of Lights


Bible Vitamins

Every Sunday, our pastor includes an insert called “The Bible View” in our bulletin. Every week focuses on a different theme, and this week’s theme was Bible study. The writer made the point that every Bible study session will not necessarily yield a lightning bolt (or even a light bulb) of fresh knowledge or inspiration.… Continue reading Bible Vitamins

Summer Recap – Ready for Fall and a New Homeschool Year!

This summer has proven to be a season of good things begun and completed in my household. We worked and played hard, and we certainly met our goal of spending more time with each other in the midst of it all. After our home school year concluded at the end of April, we kicked off… Continue reading Summer Recap – Ready for Fall and a New Homeschool Year!

Seeking God in Loneliness

This summer has been a busy one for our family, filled with projects of all sorts that we have worked on individually and as a family. Our house has been cleaned, painted, organized, and repaired within an inch of its life, and it’s kept us very busy. I’ve also worked more than usual on landscaping… Continue reading Seeking God in Loneliness

Providential Pruning

This summer, I’ve learned a lot about my favorite pastime, perennial gardening, watching a YouTube channel called Garden Answer. The channel’s cheerful host and gardener extraordinaire, Laura, gives practical advice about gardening in every season. This week, I watched many of Laura’s videos on pruning. Come to find out, different perennials require different levels of… Continue reading Providential Pruning

Counting Chickens

If you know that our family has chickens, the title might lead you to believe that this post will have to do with them. However, I’m actually referring to the incredibly overused idiom (or is an idiom by definition overused?), “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” I recently made the mistake of doing a… Continue reading Counting Chickens

Shall and Will

Ever notice during your Bible reading that verses that containing the promises of God are stated emphatically, in no uncertain terms? But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. – Isaiah 40:31 Unlike well-intentioned promises I’ve made to my husband and kids, God’s promises are guaranteed. He will… Continue reading Shall and Will

Hannah’s Powerful Prayer

Have you ever been around someone who just radiated the joy of the Spirit? A young Filippino missionary, Ivan Villar, and his wife, Hannah, who presented their ministry to our church on Sunday night, were both like that. Joyful, humble, wise, funny, and sweet, they “brought us to church” with their sincere and beautiful singing… Continue reading Hannah’s Powerful Prayer

Appreciating Sunlit Moments

During our recent heat wave, I’ve been taking our chickens a dishpan of fresh water every morning. They have an automatic waterer connected to a hose, but they seem to appreciate that daily drink of fresh, cold water from the dishpan. Their usual squawks and clucks cease as they gather around, dipping their beaks in… Continue reading Appreciating Sunlit Moments