When I Consider

Every year, my daughter and I look forward to the day when we can move our morning workouts from indoors to outdoors. This morning, we had a break in the chilly, rainy weather, and after warming up with a round of cardio inside, we stepped out to the deck to do the rest of our… Continue reading When I Consider

Self-Esteem God’s Way (Part 2): Body Image

In a culture that glorifies youth and beauty over age and wisdom, it's no wonder that many people have low self-esteem because of their poor body image. Last week, I discussed the importance of having "God-esteem" to ensure a healthy, godly self-esteem. To recap, God-esteem means that we should esteem God so highly that we… Continue reading Self-Esteem God’s Way (Part 2): Body Image

Climbing Mountains, Herding Sheep

A few times each week, I climb a mountain, but I don't go anywhere. Well, maybe it's a mountain in my mind—the "mountain climb" program on my elliptical machine, actually. And even though I don't go anywhere other than the corner of my bedroom, climbing that mechanized mountain takes me places I wouldn't go otherwise.… Continue reading Climbing Mountains, Herding Sheep