The Honest Prayers of Children

I never imagined how much I'd enjoy working with children. When a child myself, I was not one of those girls who waited my turn to cuddle a newborn. I never once begged to babysit. But after I got married, my husband and I wanted to serve in our little church, and we offered to… Continue reading The Honest Prayers of Children

The Painted Pillow

I have always had Pottery Barn taste, but alas, I have always had a laughable decorating budget. I'm sure many of you know what I mean. Having little or no budget for extras like home renovations and decor is one of the sacrifices my husband and I were willing to make when we decided to… Continue reading The Painted Pillow

Late Bloomers and Letting Go

My perennial garden has provided a great deal of pleasure and sanity-saving for me throughout the eight years we have lived in the country. As a home-schooling, work-at-home mom, most hours in my day are tied up with school or preparing for the next day of school: grading papers, writing out assignments, and leading the… Continue reading Late Bloomers and Letting Go

Our Eleventh Home School Year Begins!

Tomorrow, we start our eleventh home school year. A big box of books came from A Beka Book a couple of weeks ago, and with that, reality hit. I cleared and cleaned the school room, double-checked supplies, stacked textbooks in place, and now, all that remains is to write the first day's assignments on the… Continue reading Our Eleventh Home School Year Begins!

Mid-Life Crisis of Faith

A couple of years ago, I had a sort of mid-life crisis. Not the kind in which I bought a Corvette and dyed my hair blond, but a private, internal struggle with my faith. All my life I had been surrounded by Christianity, never knowing any other way to think or live. I realized my… Continue reading Mid-Life Crisis of Faith

Some Good, Clean, Fun Reads

Several months ago, I began a search for novels that were both well-written and clean. It's fairly easy to find run-of-the-mill Christian fiction with Hallmark movie-style plots (admittedly, I have read my share of those during long winter nights); but I wanted to find books that were free from foul language and graphic violence or… Continue reading Some Good, Clean, Fun Reads

Living by Lists

My kids and I have no official start or end time for our home-school day. The length of each day fluctuates according to the time of year and other responsibilities we have. During the dead of winter, we might be in school until after dark; but when spring comes and we tick off the subjects… Continue reading Living by Lists

Taking Care of the Temple, Part 2

My husband has always been disciplined about keeping fit, but he never said a word about it when I stopped exercising during my children's toddler years. His workouts have changed, though--where he once spent most of a workout lifting weights, he now focuses on bodyweight exercises and cycling, which are easier on his joints and… Continue reading Taking Care of the Temple, Part 2