No Explanation Necessary

When my husband and I started dating more than twenty years ago, I found in him something that set our relationship apart from any I'd had before: understanding, in the sense that he "got" me. There was very little drama between us. We just clicked. We could laugh and talk together for hours on end… Continue reading No Explanation Necessary

Boys to Men

These days, it seems to be the cultural norm to raise girls up and put boys down. For example, while shopping online at a very popular children's clothing retailer this week, I noticed a  subtle difference in the message tees for girls and boys. While shirts for both genders displayed positive, fun messages, the girls'… Continue reading Boys to Men

Letter from God

I have a dear friend who is a missionary to Tanzania, Africa. She and I correspond by email and through Facebook, but we also write letters. Yes, we utilize the good old-fashioned snail mail system. She told me once that she loves the idea of dropping her letter in the mailbox at her little village… Continue reading Letter from God

Present Prayers, Future Rewards

My husband's grandmother celebrated her eighty-eighth birthday with my family on Saturday. My mother-in-law and I brought brunch to her house, and we all gathered around her scrubbed kitchen table to eat and chat and reminisce a bit. Grandma is not much for aimless conversation, but that's a trait I have come to admire. She… Continue reading Present Prayers, Future Rewards

Bumblebees & Me: Created by Design

All too soon, I'll wake up one morning to find that the first frost has covered the landscape, signaling the beginning of the end of the gardening year. In the mean time, pollinators are taking advantage of the last bright blooms of the season. This afternoon, I discovered this bumblebee on some blue sage in… Continue reading Bumblebees & Me: Created by Design

Much-Needed Rest

We've completed week three of about thirty-three in our home schooling year. As seen above, the sunrise view from my kitchen window is lovely, but morning is already coming far too early each day. I feel a bit discouraged that I am already running low--of energy, of enthusiasm, of empathy--all those good "e" words. This… Continue reading Much-Needed Rest

Poetry from my Down East Days

Though I have lived in the landlocked Midwest for nearly twenty years, I spent the summers of my girlhood Down East, on a little island off the coast of Maine. Even after I went to college, my family and I continued to visit the island every July, and there I found lots of "scope for… Continue reading Poetry from my Down East Days

Under His Wings

We recently bought new ISA pullets (baby girl chickens) at our local farm supply store. They were sent home in what looked a lot like a Happy Meal box, which could be either disturbingly ironic or charming. Anyhow, the little yellow fluff balls of six weeks ago are now in their awkward adolescence, terracotta colored… Continue reading Under His Wings

My Girl

I've mentioned in a past post how much my kids inspire me--not just to be the best mother I can, but to be the best person I can. When I snap at them not for something they did, but because of my own fatigue or stress, their attitude of quiet obedience chastens me. When we… Continue reading My Girl

What Home Schooling Means to Me

Throughout our ten years of home schooling, I've learned to accept its challenges and embrace its blessings. (Some days, I'm still learning!) Home schooling isn't for everyone, and it does require sacrifice. Here are a few challenges I face every day: My dreams being set aside for now, for those of my children's. Preparing lunch… Continue reading What Home Schooling Means to Me