Gifting Others with Love

A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth. – Proverbs 17:8 For my birthday last week, my friends and family sent me many cards and several beautiful gifts. My parents sent me the greatest gift of all – a generous Amazon gift card! I had… Continue reading Gifting Others with Love

Old Soul Quotes: Feast

We celebrated my daughter's birthday yesterday, and as we do for all special occasions, we had a meal that far exceeded our normal simple fare. Serving a feast to my family is a way to show them my love and bring them together, and the celebration inspired my word choice for today. But when thou… Continue reading Old Soul Quotes: Feast

The Boy King Who Manned Up

We are celebrating my youngest son's birthday today. Happy birthday, Rowan! He is nine years old. Thanks to my lovely daughter for the photos. Check out Shae's blog, Teen, Meet God, for more photography and insights. My little guy reminds me of a little guy in the Bible, Josiah, who became king of Judah when he… Continue reading The Boy King Who Manned Up

The Gift of Time

To me, the best thing about my birthday each year is my family’s gifts of time. The gifts themselves are lovely, of course, and as we celebrated my birthday this past weekend, I enjoyed opening every single one. My kids picked out a super cool Star Wars t-shirt for me, with a floral Storm Trooper… Continue reading The Gift of Time