Feeling Grateful, Acting Thankful

Every autumn, most of my junior church class sessions are taken up with practicing for our Christmas program.  This year, we are rehearsing for our own little version of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Besides practicing, we have spent our November Sundays together focusing on thanksgiving and gratitude. I recently heard that while gratitude is an… Continue reading Feeling Grateful, Acting Thankful

It’s Harvest Time!

Where I live, it’s harvest time. Up and down our road, combines and trucks have been driving to and fro from early to late, urgent in their need to gather in soybeans and corn.   Below are some harvest-time Scriptures, filled with words of with hope and wisdom. Enjoy! While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest,… Continue reading It’s Harvest Time!

Father of Lights

As the seasons change, so does the light. At my home across from a cornfield, we’ll soon have flaming sunsets and orange moons, thanks to all the dust from the harvest in the air. Inside, I’ve started enjoying candlelight from spice-scented candles, and I’ve begun turning on lamps in the early evening.  Soon, the nights… Continue reading Father of Lights

Poetry: Autumn into Winter

Autumn into Winter When the glow of sunset gold Highlights curves of rain-damp roads When the logs lie split and seasoned In their loose-stacked rambling rows When the corn is long cut down Stalks the shade of palest bone   Then a thinner wind blows in Surges swift across bare fields Then leaves that cling… Continue reading Poetry: Autumn into Winter