Waiting for God: Twisting, Stretching, and Enduring

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. – Psalm 27:14

Yesterday was a perfect early spring day. I opened my mudroom door to the sunshine and spring breezes while I scrubbed the little room from top to bottom.

Afterward, I took a tour of our flower beds. The reddish-green heads of early tulips, hostas, and daffodils have pushed their way through the soil, and the perennials are not far behind. All this spring growth makes me want to pull on my Muck boots, grab a rake and wheelbarrow, and start clearing out all the dead stuff.

But that would be rushing things. The mulch, leaves, and old growth that cover my perennials also serve to protect any tender new growth from frost.



I’ve learned from experience that removing that protective layer too soon can lead to unsightly, frost-burned leaf tips for the rest of the season.

So, for now, I wait.

During any season of life in which we are impatient to move forward and see a situation resolved, simply waiting for an answer from the Lord is difficult.


The definition of the Hebrew word for wait in the Old Testament answers this question well. It involves the idea of “twisting, stretching, and then the tension of enduring” (biblehub.com).

Lord, I have called daily upon thee, I have stretched out my hands unto thee. – Psalm 88:9b

Waiting for God to answer a fervent prayer will certainly cause us to twist, stretch, and endure.



About twenty years ago, while I was waiting for God to bring my husband into my life, I certainly did all three.

First, I did a lot of twisting, squirming, and resisting.

Then, I relinquished my will enough to allow God to stretch me, making me tougher and more flexible.

Finally, I gave the issue over to God completely, and I tried to patiently endure.

Only then did God answer my prayer for the best possible spouse for me. I can’t imagine all that I would have missed if I hadn’t submitted to the process of waiting upon the Lord.

Do you find it difficult to wait? How has God helped you to learn to be patient through the years? I welcome your comments as always.

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22 thoughts on “Waiting for God: Twisting, Stretching, and Enduring”

  1. This time last year I discovered birds building a nest on our front porch. Anxiously and patiently I watch the latter stages of this nest being built, and subsequently the birds were born and I then saw the evidence of them being fed. I couldn’t wait to see these birds for the first time. I’d spent years in the spiritual wilderness and much of this time was spent along the banks of the Flint River in nature where the Lord taught me some amazing lessons, but I’d never witnessed anything like this, especially up this close and very personal.

    Time passed and I eventually saw the birds, peeping their little heads above the nest. I remember like yesterday seeing them and being able to capture a few photos. This brought a delight to my soul that the Lord would allow me to witness a birthing such as this. Then one day while I was sitting at the computer, I felt a nudge from the Lord to go to the front porch. To my surprise, I looked immediately up towards the nest, but saw nothing, but then I looked down and there was one remaining baby bird, and he gave me time to get some really nice pics..(before flying away)

    What an amazing series of lessons this turned out to be, one that I’m still unpacking and feasting on. Lessons on the sovereign will of God to do WHATEVER HE CHOOSES, in order to teach us WHATEVER HE WANTS TO TEACH US. Lessons on waiting and being patient, OR ELSE. We’ve learned what happens when we forgo the wait, it’s NOT WORTH IT.

    You stated, “I’ve learned from experience that removing that protective layer too soon can lead to unsightly, frost-burned leaf tips for the rest of the season.”

    So, WE wait.

    Now get this.. Later on during last summer, while doing some painting and cleaning, I removed the nest. But a week ago or so, while sitting in the den, I saw an unusual amount of bird activity flying repeatedly by the window. However, I didn’t give much thought to it because spring was springing. One morning though, while laying in the bed, I heard heard some rather loud tweeting, so I opened the blinds. And there they were, my fine feathered friends sitting on the porch chair, as if saying, we’re back for round two…

    I still didn’t think much about it, other than that they were probably in the area just passing through, or that these probably weren’t even the same birds. But boy did this change. A few days later, I walked out onto the porch and noticed that the birds were building yet another nest in the SAME SPOT….. Here we GROW again…

    God’s lessons are truly amazing and seeing Him set the stage and classroom to teach us is mind-blowing…


    The wait in our lives becomes easier, when we have a steady diet of feeding on the faithfulness of God!!

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    1. Wow, thanks for sharing this beautiful story! So many rich lessons to be learned! And I also enjoy watching birds, and feeding them. We have cardinals nest by our front porch regularly, and it is a miracle each time.

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  2. So true! God is not in a hurry. I think yesterday was the first time I actually considered that thought. I always thought that since God cares so much he would have a sense of urgency for justice, unity, love and peace in the world. It turns out that his patience is what gets us there.

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  3. If we say “Thy will be done” — and mean it– we put whatever request and its timing in His hands. Over time, I have realized that it’s my job to continually bring a petition before God, but I have no say in when (or If) the need will be met, and I must accept that. Sure, there are times when it is difficult to wait, but a believer is to trust that all will be well under His guidance.

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