The Christmas Story Behind “It Is Well with My Soul”

I recently viewed a Christmas presentation unlike any I’d seen before, enacting through song and storytelling the true tale behind the writing of the hymn “It Is Well with My Soul.”

If you have already heard Horatio G. Spafford’s tragic life story, then you’ll know that he penned the words to the hymn soon after the death of several of his children. But the Spafford family’s story did not end there. From their sadness and loss came not only a beloved hymn, but also a mission work that reached many children for Christ.

Please click on the link below to watch, and I hope you’ll be as moved and encouraged by this presentation as I was. Feel free to share your reactions in the comments.

Merry Christmas!

“It Is Well with My Soul,” presented by Hugh Bonneville

It Is Well.jpg

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