Where do you read and write blog posts?

I’m always interested to hear bits and pieces of bloggers’ personal lives in their posts and comments. It helps me to develop – in a completely healthy, non-stalkerish way, I promise – a more well-rounded picture of their lives.

As well, it helps me to pray for any special needs they may have.

So…as I was reading blogs the other day, I started to wonder about the environment in which people read or write blog posts.

I actually read others’ posts in a different place than I write my own. I like to read other’s blogs as part of my devotions. So, depending upon the time of year, that’s typically on my front porch, at the desk in my bedroom, or – on the coldest winter days – curled up in bed.

Image by Gretta Blankenship from Pixabay

I most enjoy reading and praying on my front porch, with the sounds of pollinators, wind chimes, and our American flag snapping a bit in the morning breeze.

The view’s not bad, either. This time of year, the corn field across the road is a good seven feet tall. When the wind blows, the stalks ripple and wave and hiss as one – a green ocean of sorts.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

As my thumbs are not fast enough to write on my tablet keypad, I always type my posts old-school-style, using the desktop computer in our home office. It’s open to the rest of the lower level, so I often have earbuds in with quiet music playing to block out any distractions. I try to clear the desk first of any other work and light a scented candle (or “smelly” candle, as my son used to say).

No matter what I do, I find I do it better when the space around me is clean and clear.

Image by Thought Catalog from Pixabay

Guess I wouldn’t have made it as a writer of Scripture, would I? Several of those dedicated men wrote or dictated to scribes the God-breathed words of the Bible in the worst of circumstances. For example, the book of Jeremiah and many of Paul’s epistles were penned in prison, and John wrote while exiled to the island of Patmos.

I doubt those men were surrounded by the warm glow and spicy scent of an apple pumpkin candle, my latest favorite. The sights and smells were horrific, I’m sure. Yet, from these dank surroundings came some of the most essential passages to our Christian faith.

Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft. – 2 Corinthians 11:23

Considering all that, I don’t have any excuses for procrastinating about studying my Bible, or taking time to share with you all something fresh the Holy Spirit has revealed to me.

So, where do you write your blog posts? Where do you read others’ blogs? I welcome your comments as ever.

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20 thoughts on “Where do you read and write blog posts?”

  1. A very beautiful blog post. I read and write blog posts sitting in an ergonomically designed chair designed in Norway. I am seated perched high above the mighty North Atlantic, whose waters I watch as I read, or compose. As I am located in Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada, I may have the distinction of being North America’s most Easterly Blogger ! 🤗

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  2. I will read other posts sitting here in my modest office area (flanked by two toddler beds for when my grandkids come to visit!), and I will write my final product here. But I carry a notebook with me wherever I go, so that, should inspiration come, I have what I need to write down ideas, or maybe even the first paragraph. And as one might guess by the name of my site, I have a favorite perch in which to seek that inspiration 🙂 — Mike

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        1. I can just imagine! 😉 I have a little notebook in my purse as well as a larger one with my Bible, and they are full of such notes, potential blog titles and so forth. I usually write a few sentences so I don’t forget where my train of thought was headed.

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  3. Sitting in front of a monitor perched precariously on a tiny motel desk in a motel room occupied by two beds, my wife, two adult daughters, a large dog, a parrot and the remains of our belongings after a lengthy period of homelessness. When nearby guests aren’t doing drugs, engaing prostitutes, partying or fighting we get some peace and quiet. Other than we are pretty like the rest of the world here.

    Homer Les

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  4. A ‘non-stalkerish way,’ I love that term! As a morning person, I find that my sermon/blog writing is best connected to the Holy Spirit early in the day. Today, a typical day for this time of year, started with a 1.5 mile walk with my wife Betsy and our Goldendoodle Violet. Then, over coffee, I read a devotional and a portion of Scripture. Next comes 15 minutes of Scripture memorization. As I pray throughout this time, I ask the Lord to open my heart and mind to what He has for me this day. With this renewed sense of His presence, I open WordPress to scroll through, looking for titles that draw me in. Then it’s carefully read and respond, if so moved, like to you today.! All this is done in my ‘office,’ the kids playroom until they moved out.
    Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed the glimpse into your reading/writing habits.
    Pastor Chuck

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  5. I have a chronic illness so I usually write and read from my couch. I do especially love to go outside on our deck and write if I get the chance though. I had never thought about where scripture was written before. So interesting to ponder. Thanks for sharing!

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