When Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right

My husband’s job as a city firefighter requires twenty-four-hour shifts. He works one full day, and then is off the next two days. The day that he’s on shift, my kids and I keep ourselves as busy as possible – not a difficult prospect, considering all the chores required to maintain our house and seven-acre property. Especially during this spring season, something always needs cleaning, or repairing, or just…doing.

It’s truly a blessing to always have something to do. We will never be bored!

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. – Ecclesiastes 4:9

But part of the reason I enjoy staying so busy is that I don’t like to dwell on my husband’s absence.

When he is home, everything seems better. Even though he may be cutting firewood down by the creek or working on a project in the machine shed, I appreciate that he’s close by. Our family unit feels complete, and all is right in our little world.

Image by Hari Mohan from Pixabay


When he’s gone, something just doesn’t feel right.

It’s a bit like the imbalanced feeling I experienced a few days last week, when I decided to adjust my devotional schedule. I thought I’d work outside in the cooler morning hours and have my devotions in the afternoon.

But jumping right into chores without spending time in the morning with God didn’t work for me.

I felt out of sorts, off-kilter, and incomplete. When the afternoon came and I tried to read my Bible, I was too tired to focus and my thoughts rambled.

It just didn’t feel right.

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up. – Psalm 5:3

For me, tending to the health of my body and soul must be done first thing in the morning, or I feel ill-prepared to face the rest of the day.

Image by melkhagelslag from Pixabay


And the truth is, if I get busy doing all the other tasks of the day before I work out and have my devotions, I may never get back to them. I’m just not that disciplined!

So, I’m going back to my usual schedule. My mind and heart need that feeling of “rightness” that comes when I’m prayed up in the morning and ready to face the day.

What time works best for you to have your devotions? Do you ever have an unsettled feeling if you don’t have them at the usual time? I’m always interested to hear your thoughts.

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16 thoughts on “When Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right”

  1. Mornings, without question, for me. Quiet time with my Maker sets a good, peaceful tone for the remainder of the day, come what may. And I agree– even if we’re not doing something together, it always feels better when Mary and I are here at home (and in that we leave for Florida in 90 minutes, we’ll be spending quite a bit of time together!).

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  2. The mornings are the best for me. I need to get all “prayed up” like you said 🙂 How do we go out into battle everyday without it 🙂 Not that communing with the LORD isn’t an all day process but it is mixed in with all the other stuff going on. Those mornings devotionals are just that devoting all the attention to Him. Powering up for the day ahead.

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  3. Meredith, I don’t have children at home anymore, and my husband is retired, so we are not usually on regular schedules. Nonetheless, I am on God’s time schedule, and that varies from day to day. Sometimes he gets me up at midnight or at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. etc., just whenever he wants to talk with me, and he wants me to hear from him, and he wants me to write what he is teaching me so that I can put it out on the internet to share with others. And, sometimes he keeps me up late at night to hear from him and then to write what he is teaching me.

    But, he speaks to me all throughout the day, and he most always has a song in my head to encourage me and strengthen me in my walk of faith. But, not having to be on a regular schedule is good because then I am available to the Lord throughout the day or night on most days. But, if I did have to be on a schedule, then I agree that our day needs to begin with the Lord, but our whole day should be with the Lord to where we can hear him speaking to our hearts 24/7. And, it should end with the Lord, too. He should be uppermost on our minds when we arise in the morning and when we go to bed at night. And, he should never be far from our minds throughout the day.

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  4. My devotional time has varied. I do tend to stay in a routine, but as my life changes, my routine does too. I’ve done first thing in the morning, and last thing in the evening. These days my devotions happen in the afternoons while my younger son naps. I like to do them whenever it is most peaceful in my house.

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  5. Mornings are becoming a non-negotiable for me. In order to actually start the day right, I must spend time in the Word before I get working on all the other stuff I want/need to do. (Otherwise, it often doesn’t happen, or at least, not the way it should.) It has helped me so much to begin by journaling my prayers to the Lord and asking for the right heart-posture with which to continue in my Bible study.

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  6. Morning is best! That is why God gave us coffee;) and I understand how you feel about the hubby being away. Mine plays gigs and will get a week run of an opera. I have spent 30 years of marriage waiting up for this guy to come home before I can go to sleep 😴. We have a much deserved week off this week and will do a staycation…

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