Spring Shoots

Stephen of Fractured Faith asked recently if I had written a new poem. Inspiration finally struck last night. Hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to leave your comments and critiques, or share what inspires you, in the comments below.

Image by Inga Klas from Pixabay

Spring Shoots

Shoots do not shoot.

After frigid winter, they stretch up slowly,

Touching cool soil with tentative fingertips.

When they sense sun’s warmth on the backs of their hands,

They unfurl each finger, uncurl each joint,

Fingertips green peeking from the dirt

And reaching for the sun.

Then they know – their hope is sure.

They will not spend an eternal winter in darkness.

When the sun shines in perfect time,

Those shoots will rise to meet the light,

Vernal, visceral, victorious –



Spring Shoots copyright Meredith C. Jackson, 2019.

because home wasn't built in a day

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