A Week in Our Lives

My daughter, Shae (Teen, Meet God and Shae’s Days), and I thought it would be fun to record and share bits and pieces of our daily lives, as we enjoy reading those sorts of get-to-know-you-better posts. 🙂

We welcome your comments as always, friends!

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Sunday, February 10

What an unusual Sunday – icy roads meant that both morning and evening church services were called off. I’d had great plans for our junior church class, too, involving an entire session focused on Biblical love. I planned to teach about Jesus healing the ten lepers, and Shae was going to read a cute children’s book by Mo Willems, focused on friendship and sharing. The best part of reading to the kids comes afterward, when we ask them what they learned from or enjoyed about the story. They are astonishingly perceptive. So, all of this will happen next Sunday, and the kids won’t mind the delay.

Monday, February 11

As soon as Shae and I finished working out this morning, I had coffee, with a little coconut sugar and a lot of half ‘n half as always.  Coffee with the good stuff never tastes better than after a long fast, as I did yesterday.
The highlight of my day was spending time with my oldest son, who tagged along to Shae’s dance lesson this afternoon. He is so quiet, but his heart is full of things to share when the setting is right, and he did talk with me while Shae was in class. I pray he will never lose his sensitive, gentle spirit.

Tuesday, February 12

Today was a work-writing day. An interview was followed immediately by writing a piece about a chapel renovation at a hospital. So uplifting that even a secular organization recognizes the importance of dedicating financial resources to God’s house.
Also wrote a piece about another topic of interest to me: garden compost! I spoke with a perfectly lovely woman who owns and operates a flower-cutting farm, and we had a grand time dishing dirt on compost.

Wednesday, February 13

It’s always essential that I stick to my calendar and task list on Wednesdays. Our school day is short, as Shae has several hours of dance lessons in the evening. Managed to get most everything accomplished, including a whirlwind cleanup of our living/dining area, which is often cluttered with my craft and sewing piles. Happy early Valentine’s to my husband, who is tolerant of my clutter but always appreciates when it is cleared away.
While at dance lessons, I wrote a blog post and read all my gardening catalogs. I tossed most of them but saved one to purchase a bulb I’ve never tried before: liatris. It has a long, slender flower head in shades of pink and white and should give some height and structure to the rear of my perennial beds in mid-summer.

Thursday, Valentine’s Day

Thursdays are almost always a catch-up day in school. Today was no exception. We are pushing to be done with classes by the first week in May and must stick to a strict schedule.
My husband went straight from his 24-hour shift at the fire station to his seasonal job at the local seed company this morning, so we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight when he came home, dead on his feet. But we did go out last Saturday morning to a new coffee house here in town called “The Mustard Seed.” What a blessing to be able to support a lovely business run by Christians, right in our tiny town! And it was a pleasure to sit in a quiet place, away from home and kids, and just be. For once, my husband did most of the talking, and I was happy to listen.

Friday, February 15

Fridays always involve lots of testing in school as well as chores afterward. We try to get as much work done as we can, so we can enjoy a more restful Saturday. We need one day of the week to recoup, as Sundays are generally busy with church services. My husband was home in the evening, so we all squeezed into the living room for a movie after dinner.

Saturday, February 16

I start every day with a devotional time, exercise, and coffee; but Saturdays are a bit different in that I reserve my prayer time for praise and thanksgiving. I sometimes assume my prayer time will be shorter, but it tends to be longer, as things for which I’m thankful for come to mind one after the other, assembly-line style. Gratitude for a healthy body leads to thankfulness for healthy children; and praising God for religious freedom leads to thankfulness for our wonderful pastor and his wife; and so forth. This sort of prayer always fills me with optimism and peace.

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On Sunday, we got in quite a bit of relaxing. Church was canceled, morning and night, because of the weather; we also had a 4-H meeting in the afternoon, but we didn’t want to chance driving in those conditions. I fasted from 4 on Saturday until noon on Sunday. Usually, that is much easier because I can just eat when I get home from church! I got through it, though. Additionally, I wrote out this week’s plan in my notebook. We watched lots of movies, and I read a little too. Like I said, very chill day.
Monday was a busy day! We did a leg and booty HIIT in the morning and then a five minute trapezius workout, which was killer! Throughout the rest of the day, we did school, ate some lunch, and then headed out around 2:30. My brother had a retainer check, we went grocery shopping, and I had dance class.
Tuesday, we stayed home and did schoolwork, pretty much! We had to take a few quizzes, and those all went well. I worked on my sword dance some more. It’s really coming along! After I was done all I needed to do, I played some games with my dad and little brother. Lately, I’ve been plugging through The Swiss Family Robinson, which is not the most riveting book ever, though well written. I may have dozed off a couple times that night while reading.
Wednesday was pretty similar to Monday, except I had dance for three hours instead of one hour. I also began fasting after lunch, and fasted until 1:00 the next day. At dance, we worked on our tap, jazz, and ballet dances for the upcoming spring performance. It’s going to be so much fun! My teachers are fantastic choreographers.
On Thursday, we had a nice, quiet day at home. I was able to practice my instruments for longer than usual, which was nice. I also finished up one of my American Sign Language lessons! Although I do like have quiet days, I am really looking forward to warm weather. I miss being outside during the day, and taking sleep at night to the sound of birds, crickets, and rustling leaves. Sighhhhhh.
Once Friday rolled around, I was glad it did. It was a tough week in school, but we made it through! The school week was full of tests, quizzes, and studying, studying, studying. We muddled through a section in algebra about logarithms (don’t ask me what one is, I still don’t know).
My mom and I agree that Saturdays are strange when my dad is at the firehouse. Usually, I help him with some job, and we also all have a big lunch together. Because he wasn’t home, I was left to fend for myself in the food department while my mom wrote. I did my weekly thorough room cleaning and worked on all kinds of odds and ends. And I finally decided to try meal planning, so I wrote out everything that I planned to eat the next week. People say it helps them to stay accountable and on track, so we’ll see how it goes.

because home wasn't built in a day


10 thoughts on “A Week in Our Lives”

  1. I read this on your daughter’s site and didn’t even realize Shae was your daughter until this post! She must be the one who is your workout buddy. 🙂 It’s neat because I fond the post on T. R. Noble’s site where I coincidentally found my own daughter’s “secret” (from me) blog. She wouldn’t tell me the name of it because she didn’t want my biased opinion in the comments. Haha! Anyway, I’m just glad she’s thinking about the Word. It’s a comfort to know at least one of my kids is.

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          1. If I do, I’ll have to swear you to secrecy! She doesn’t want me sharing it… But I can say she was featured on T. R. Noble’s recent post with 5 Christian Teen bloggers along with your daughter. Hers is called “Conceptualizing.” 😉

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