More Snacks, Please!

Last Sunday, I asked my junior church class (ages 4-12) what they might like to add to our class time in the coming year.

You can imagine their responses, everything from field trips and game days to outdoor classes and nap time…maybe outdoor nap time? And of course, more snacks. A teacher can never bring enough snacks (especially in light of the fact that some of these little ones come to class without having had breakfast).

With a little help from my pastor, I’ll be able to fulfill a lot of their requests. Game days can be spent playing Bible Pictionary and sword drills and “who can memorize this verse the fastest?”

We can’t do nap time (intentionally, anyway), but we can do story time more often. I love to see the kids crowd around my daughter, Shae, as she reads a storybook version of a Biblical story.

And in the spring when the grass grows again on the slope of the hill upon which our little white church rests, perhaps we can have a class outside in the sunshine (as long as we can keep the noise down).


I’m glad the kids gave me their honest requests. I want them to associate their time at church with joy. My hope is, that whenever they outgrow junior church (and sadly, many stop attending church when that happens), they will remember the many lessons of Christ’s love they heard.

Most of all, I want them to leave my class as saved souls I’ll see in Heaven one day.

After class, that’s what my husband requested: a return to emphasizing the message of the Gospel every week. I confess, so many of these children have been attending church for so long that I assume they are all saved, but of course, that may not be.

Do you work in church ministry? How has it impacted your life? I would enjoy hearing from you.

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12 thoughts on “More Snacks, Please!”

  1. I used to lead the Youth Team when I attended church. It’s true. The way to a teenagers soul is through their stomach. Especially pizza. Those were good times. You are doing incredible work with these young people. Well done Meredith.

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