Mother-Daughter October 1st Photo Collaboration

My daughter (of Shae’s Days and Teen, Meet God) and I collaborated on a photo shoot earlier this spring.

Since then, autumn has transformed our surroundings. This week, we went out together again, this time at sunset, to capture the changes in my garden and in the fields across the road.

Meredith – soybeans


Shae – combine


Meredith – dried wildflower

flower with pods.jpg

Shae – dried grasses


Meredith – purple salvia


Shae – green velvet boxwood


Meredith – blue azure sage & phlox


Shae – soybeans


Meredith – combine


Shae – sunset


because home wasn't built in a day.jpg

12 thoughts on “Mother-Daughter October 1st Photo Collaboration”

  1. PTL! What beautiful teamwork! God is so kind to allow me to see such a precious earth of His creations, but even more loving to allow me to see you and Shae’s collaboration! God loves you both, Meredith! ❤

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