Present Prayers, Future Rewards

My husband’s grandmother celebrated her eighty-eighth birthday with my family on Saturday. My mother-in-law and I brought brunch to her house, and we all gathered around her scrubbed kitchen table to eat and chat and reminisce a bit.

Grandma is not much for aimless conversation, but that’s a trait I have come to admire. She reminds me of the elders of my youth in New England. Some of those folks were people of few words as well, but when they said something, it was generally worth a listen, given their rich life experience.

Grandma was born during the Depression. She has seen too many wars wax and wane. She raised five children and has survived the passing of two; and more recently, she lost her husband, who was her ideal counterpoint. Grandma has always been a homebody, but Grandpa was gregarious and spontaneous. While Grandma cuddled the great-grandchildren, Grandpa acted as their jungle gym. She cooked for her family, and passed along her recipes, teaching me to make homemade chicken and noodles. He created for his family: old-fashioned toys, clever little sculptures, household items–all with his hands, in his cluttered shop, using metal and wood pieces and parts. I’ve saved everything he made for us.

But perhaps their greatest legacy is their family. On Saturday, I learned that Grandma now has more than 30 great-grandchildren, many of them being raised to love and serve the Lord. I imagine she and Grandpa spent many hours in prayer through the years for their children, for their grandchildren, and for the generation following.

Their prayers have inspired me to do the same. I pray that my children would want to love and serve God, and I have prayed throughout the years for those who may one day be their spouses. According to the Bible, these prayers are not in vain!

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.—James 5:16a

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. —Matthew 21:22

Are you praying in the present, though you may not see answers until the future?

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