My Girl

I’ve mentioned in a past post how much my kids inspire me–not just to be the best mother I can, but to be the best person I can. When I snap at them not for something they did, but because of my own fatigue or stress, their attitude of quiet obedience chastens me. When we sit patiently through hours of school together, day after day, as we disparage English grammar for having so many exceptions to each rule, and memorize every piece and part of the cardiovascular system, their persistence grounds me. How blessed I am to see now glimpses of the adults they will become one day!

My daughter recently wrote a blog post about me that made me cry. (She would rightly say, “Not hard to do, Mom!”) As she said, we are opposites, but somehow my water and her oil emulsify to create something better than either of us alone.  She’s only thirteen, but our relationship is beginning the transition from mother-daughter to friendship, and her iron definitely sharpens my iron, as the Scripture says in Proverbs 27:17. She often reminds me to give a tract to the cashier at a store, for example–she has never been reticent to share her faith.

Her father and I started a photography business that lasted for ten years, until we decided we’d had enough of long weekends away from our kids. We closed the business and weeded out our equipment, but we kept our cameras and lenses. In part because of our love of photography, my daughter decided to pursue it as a 4-H project, and she’s posted some of her recent photos on her blog. While she enjoys capturing nature, I like nothing better than taking pictures of her and her brothers, and canvases and framed photos of them fill the walls of our home.

Here are a few of her I took just a couple of weeks ago, as well as some from past years. I’d love it if she’d take her time with the growing-up process, but kids never seem to do that. But if she must, I’m glad she’s growing into a person with strong faith and high ideals.





I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.–III John 4

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